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The wedding is the culmination of two people’s love, a milestone, the beginning of a new family, a decision, responsibility, contract or challenge. For each person it takes a slightly different dimension, but for everyone it is, without any doubt, an exceptional moment and such a joyful occasion should be properly celebrated – with a ceremonious wedding reception. We would like all those who cocreate the wedding ceremony to remember it for life and therefore we scale the heights of creativity to make it happen. In order to meet the requirements of contemporary culture we would like to offer you an absolute novelty, an attraction that will distinguish your wedding and make it unforgettable – a shisha corner.

The solemn celebration of a marriage is accompanied by immense joy and exaltation, abundance of victuals and dance euphoria. On this beautiful day a moment comes when guests are looking for a secluded place where they can rest, take a breath and make acquaintances with new family members, because unification is the essence of every wedding. Strangers become family, so they look for opportunities to meet and talk, which is not always possible on the dance floor in the dance fervour. To help guests get acquainted with each other, we suggest creating a peaceful, inclusive enclave.

As shisha enthusiasts, we would like to share our passion with you, so we propose to organize a shisha corner that will enrich the party, providing guests with amazing taste experiences as well as aesthetic impressions that will remain in their memory for a long time. We provide comprehensive assistance in organizing a zone for shisha smoking, including arrangement of its décor according to your expectations. We have a wide selection of designer premium water pipes of diversified stylistics. Their appearance can be interspersed by using a range of additives that ensure a stunning visual effect. The pitchers of our pipes are filled with ice, fruit, coloured water or other exclusive accessories, for example especially selected edible flowers. LED backlight system gives the arrangement a unique character, thanks to the scattering of light by glass elements of shisha, colouring the surroundings with a fancy blaze of flares. Tobacco blends of a natural full flavour served by our shisha master belong to the highest quality products in the world. The richness of the variants as well as the exceptional depth and intensity of the taste sensations distinguish the tobaccos we offer from commonly available positions. The fragrance spreading around will attract the attention of every guest and prompt them to taste our aromatic combination of flavours. Even non-smokers can try shisha, as smoke from the water pipe is completely free of harmful tar substances.

For many centuries, shisha has been the centre of social gatherings in cultures of various corners of the world, uniting people at collective meetings, strengthening bonds, giving impetus to discussion. The collective hookah session will guarantee the wedding guests the opportunity to establish relationships, catch breath and enjoy the beauty of the extraordinary visual and gustatory composition.

Shisha is a meeting, so we can add a colouration to any form of assembly by affording the invited memorable experiences whether it's a wedding, a jubilee party or a business event. Building unity is essential in the family, the circle of friends and in the workplace, so let's unite round the shisha.

CyBuch Shisha Events

We organise shisha corner for:

– weddings

– hen/stag parties

– company events

– occasional events

– other events

Professional service, top-quality products, unforgettable taste and visual experience.

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