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Kaloud Lotus I+ 


The pioneer heat management device created by Kaloud was a breakthrough that has forever changed the way of smoking hookah. After several years of the spectacular success of the first HMD, the company developed its design, giving it a few innovative features that significantly improved the quality of smoking. Here is Kaloud Lotus I+, bigger, more comfortable, more effective.

– More space, improved design – Kaloud Lotus I+, compared to the older brother, gained more space, so you can easily fit in 3 cubic coals, which will suffice for the entire session. The appearance of the device has also been slightly modified, which made it more elegant and attractive to the eye.

– Reduced harmfulness of smoking – The design of the Kaloud Lotus I+ combustion chamber with a special grid that prevents coals from blacking out, does not allow fine particles and volatile gases to enter the shisha, so the risk of their absorption is kept to a minimum. Ashes do not go into the tobacco mixture, so the taste of the session is always pure and pleasant to the throat.

– Quality guarantee – The Kaloud Lotus I+ heat management device was made, in accordance with the Kaloud’s standards, from the highest quality materials that ensure health protection and exceptional durability, as evidenced by the limited lifetime warranty that the product is covered by.

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