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Kaloud Lotus II 


Kaloud Lotus II is a heat management device, the fruit of many years’ work of engineers of the American company Kaloud, a worthy successor of its previous incarnation, which revolutionized the way of smoking hookah, making it comfortable and safe. The combination of oriental grace and western precision, an enchanting finial for every shisha.

– Highest quality – Lotus II is made of the highest quality materials that meet the requirements of the aviation and medical industries. Its quality is best evidenced by the fact that it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee (read its terms). It enables precise heat flow management thanks to a perfectly fit draft control mechanism and a specially designed grid at the bottom of the combustion chamber, which prevents the coal from blacking out and the ash from entering the bowl.

– Better health protection – Heat manager Kaloud Lotus II is designed to limit the harmful influence of smoking on health by reducing the impact of such factors as solid particles, volatile gases and ash from coal. It provides incredible smoke density and immaculate flavour intense, and soft at the same time. Safety grip allows you to open and close the device without risk of burns.

– Lotus flower – The design of the heat regulator Kaloud Lotus II refers to the sacred water plant, which is, in the tradition of the Far East, a symbol of eternal life, fortune and prosperity, as well as purity and beauty. Its appearance is the most impressive with the glow of incandescent coals coming out from inside. It is perfectly compatible with Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II, with which it co-creates a little work of applied arts, universal, providing a unique taste and aesthetic experience.

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